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Who Are “My Appliance Reviews” ?

We are a few writers mainly focused on reviewing different types of appliances, such as ovens, fridges, air conditioners and so on. We also write some informational posts that help you in your daily life in kitchen.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give a person the most detailed information about that product who wants to buy it and to give them an idea before buying that product.

How Often Do We Update Our Content?

We regularly review products belonging to different product groups. In general, we try to review 2 different products or at least 1 product per week.

How to find specific product reviews in “My Appliance Reviews”?

You can use our search bar below to search a keyword to find a review that matches your product.

My appliance reviews

Our Writers

Orcun D.

He lives in Glasgow and works as a computer engineer. He loves travelling, photography and walking in the nature. He has travelled more than 20 countries so far and willing to discover more new places. Some of his travelling photos:

He is a hobbyist cyclist, photography enthusiast, and programmer with a keen interest in search engine optimization. He started riding bikes as a hobby and has been exploring new cycling trails in his spare time in Glasgow. He is also passionate about photography and loves to capture the beautiful landscapes he encounters on his rides. He has a strong understanding of search engine optimization and enjoys experimenting with different techniques to improve the online visibility of his websites. In his free time, Orcunalso enjoys learning new programming languages and building small projects. He is always looking for ways to improve and expand his skills in all of his interests.