How To Clean A Sofa: Ultimate Guide For Upholstery Cleaning

how to clean a sofa

Houses are among the most frequently cleaned places. The most polluted parts of the house are the permanent living areas such as the living room. Despite being constantly cleaned, it is almost impossible to prevent stains, especially on furniture covered with upholstery fabrics such as armchairs or poufs. Cleaning sofa is also important to keep your home clean. So if you are wondering how to clean a sofa, this post might be useful for you.

Stains on your seats and dust on the upholstery can cause serious discomfort, especially in homes where allergens live. You have multiple alternatives to clean or wash your seats. First of all, you can get help from a professional team. These teams, who come with factory-type machines, can wash your seat from top to bottom in two or three hours. However, if your seat becomes stained again, called vomiting, you need to call the teams again and the process must be re-applied, which is a serious waste of time and will take time for your seat to dry in this case.

To avoid such situations, you can do the cleaning of the sofa at home at periodic intervals. When you say upholstery cleaning at home, this process may be overwhelming at first, but it is not as difficult and troublesome as you think or fear.

The first thing you need to do for sofa cleaning at home is to find the right method and material. Upholstery cleaning at home is a broad topic in terms of methods, and there are many upholstery cleaning methods available.

How To Clean Sofa?

Sweep First

cleaning sofa

Vacuum your sofa thoroughly before cleaning it. Try to get rid of all the dust on it as much as possible. The colors of the seats can even change from the dust accumulated on them over time. Although the dark-colored ones do not show the dust very clearly, this problem is frequently encountered especially in the light-colored seats.

Therefore, remember that it is much easier to clean a dust-free sofa. We recommend that you vacuum your seat thoroughly using one of the small nozzles found in vacuum cleaners. Using the small headboard will allow you to easily get all the crumbs, hair, and dust on the seat and prepare the seat for cleaning.

The Carbonate Miracle

Baking soda is a product that is used in upholstery cleaning and gives very good results. Baking soda ensures that all the dust on your seat comes to the surface. Especially when cleaning fabric seats, you can sprinkle some baking soda on the seat and then rub it. After this application, you can vacuum the seat again after waiting for 15 minutes. If you wish, you can also do this before the first sweeping phase.

If you wish, you can repeat it two or three times during the sweeping phase, depending on the dust condition of your seat. If your sofa is not fabric or upholstery with sensitive fabric is used, you can apply baking soda with the help of a damp sheet. If you want to get rid of dust with non-carbonated moist sheets, it is also possible to remove dust by hitting it on the seat with the help of a rolling pin. In this case, the dust will stick to the damp sheets and it will be possible to pre-clean the area where the seat is located without polluting the air.

If the covers of your seat are removable, you can wash them in the washing machine after removing the dust on them with baking soda or damp sheets. We recommend that you do not neglect to clean the pillow covers in the same way. After removing the covers, you can ventilate them on the balcony or you can remove the dust by tapping them with the help of a rolling pin.

Upholstery Cleaning with White Soap

You can use white soap to clean your sofa, which you have pre-cleaned and thoroughly cleaned from dust, more deeply. For this process, add warm water and white soap to a clean bucket. Wipe your seats by pressing gently with a clean cloth, bath sponge, or washcloth. However, be careful that the cloth or sponge is not too wet while doing this. Especially in the winter months, you may have problems drying your seats.

How to Clean A Sofa Fabric By Its Type

While cleaning the seats, it is necessary to pay attention to the fabric types. For example, the leather sofa cleaning method at home and a normal upholstery fabric type cannot be cleaned in the same way. For this reason, different seat cleaning methods are applied according to the fabric on the seats. The fabric codes on the seats usually also contain information on how to clean them. Or you can ask where you bought the seat, and you can learn how to clean the fabric of the seat online. You can find out how to clean the seats according to the types of fabric in the rest of the article.

W Type Fabric

If you have a sofa of this fabric type, you should clean it with water-based products. We also recommend using a brush with as soft bristles as possible for cleaning. While doing this process, you can use white soap or some soap. However, you should dilute both and not apply directly to the surface. Then you can clean your sofa with circular movements with the brush.

S Type Fabric

You can use solvent-based spray cleaning products for sofa cleaning in this type of fabric. You can also get help from a regular sofa cleaning brush and vacuum cleaner.

WS Type Fabric

This type of fabric is known as one of the easiest to clean fabrics. You can use all cleaning products such as white soap, arab soap, seat cleaning sprays, lint collectors in this type of fabric. You can also use a regular brush as a brush.

X Type Fabric

This type of fabric can only be cleaned with water and a clean cloth or soft brush. You should first remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner. After that, you can clean as normal.

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