What Should I look for When Buying a Quilt?

What Should I look for When Buying a Quilt

According to studies, almost a third of the average human lifespan is spent sleeping. For this reason, sleep quality gains special importance in terms of both the mental and physical health of people. The quality of sleep is directly proportional to the selection of a quality mattress and bed furnishings.

First of all, the environment needs to be prepared for proper and quality sleep. For sleep quality, first of all, it is necessary to provide a suitable environment. The quality of the bed, the temperature and humidity of the room, the quality of the pillow, and the characteristics of the duvet also determine the sleep quality. If the appropriate conditions are not provided, poor quality sleep will inevitably be reflected in living conditions and daily life, and orthopedic problems will be encountered in the following processes. The quality of pillows and quilts is especially important on cold winter days.

What Should I look for When Buying a Quilt?

The first thing to consider when buying a quilt should be how many people you will buy. Quilts are divided into different groups according to their capacities as single, double, king size or baby and child quilts. After you have determined which size and number of duvets you need, you can start looking for quilts according to the size and capacity of your bed. In addition, climatic conditions are also decisive here. If the city you live in is very cold, you can choose a thick quilt, and if you live in a temperate region, you can choose a thin quilt. You can also buy one of the most preferred goose down duvets among all the varieties. Goose-type quilts, which are the most popular among the quilt types that differ according to the filling material, come to the fore with their ease of use and light structure.

What are the Points to Consider While Buying a Goose Down Quilt?

The most important features of the duvets with the goose-down filling material are known to be able to trap the heat completely. Other features of these duvets, which have a very high rate of keeping heat inside, are that they have a very soft structure and are light. For this reason, it offers the user the advantage of comfort and uninterrupted sleep during sleep. Goose-down duvets are also divided into two according to the type of feather they contain. These varieties called goose feathers and back feathers, have separate characteristics. Here are some things to consider when buying a goose-down duvet.

· Attention should be paid to the TOG value, which is called the thermal resistance unit, which is used to show the insulation power of each quilt. The TOG value is related to how long the quilt can keep the body temperature constant. For this reason, goose-down duvets with a high TOG value are quite good in terms of heat capacity.

The TOG value is divided into varieties such as summer, winter, and seasonal. If you want to buy a winter quilt, you need to buy a quilt with a TOG value of 13.5 and above. For summer quilts, a TOG value of 6.5 is the most ideal.

Some European norms are also valid for goose down duvets. All goose-down quilts or products are sampled from time to time and the quality of the quilts is tested with these samples. This system, called European norms, is used to ensure that goose-down products do not fall below a certain standard and to protect consumers from imitation products. It is therefore mandatory for all manufacturers to comply with these standards.

Goose-down duvets have a certain label standard. It is labeled according to the amount of hair it contains. Also, how clean the fluff has also affected the label of the duvet. For example, a product produced with eighty percent type of goose must contain at least seventy percent pure goose down after the damaged or defective feathers are removed and the excesses called down feathers are removed.

What are the Types of Quilts and What Should Be Considered While Buying Ready-made Quilts?

Quilt types

There are many types of quilts according to your needs and features. All of the quilts named according to the filling material such as silk quilts, wool quilts, or cotton quilts can be found ready-made or custom-made.

Wool Quilts

Especially preferred by those living in places with cold climate characteristics, wool quilts come to the fore with their very warm structures. The biggest disadvantage of these duvets, which have a high-temperature capacity, although not as much as goose down, is that they are both thick and heavy. Although there are varieties that have been modernized and lightened as much as possible, it is worth mentioning that this is the heaviest type of all quilt types.

Cotton Quilts

Cotton quilts, which are one of the most frequently used quilt types, can satisfy their users in terms of price and performance. Cotton quilts, which are generally used in temperate climates, also have the property of trapping heat. Cotton quilts, which offer a very light and comfortable use, are preferred because they are economical compared to other types of quilts. Cotton quilts, which can be easily found for every budget, are among the most produced quilts.

Silk Quilts

Silk quilts, which have both a light and soft structure, are known as the most preferred quilt type, especially by newlyweds. Most of the prominent silk quilts, which are the most suitable quilt type for human skin, are produced to show anti-allergic properties. Silk quilts, which eliminate various problems such as the sweating problem encountered during sleep, are generally produced with special workmanship. For this reason, their prices are much more expensive than normal quilts.

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