Wood Stains Removal: How to Remove Stains?

wood stains removal

Wooden furniture is used in almost all our living spaces. Both in our office, our desk, armchair, dining table and many other furniture are produced from wood and used directly with the wooden concept. When wooden surfaces are first produced, they offer a brilliant use with their perfect polish. But sometimes they get dirty and you may ask wood stains removal methods.

Depending on long-term use, with the thinning and weakening of the polish of wooden surfaces, discoloration or staining may occur in certain areas of these woods. When the correct use of wooden surface furniture is not performed, stains may occur on the surface. Especially when coffee and tea, which are among the hot drinks, are always placed on the same surface, glass bottom stains may occur in areas where glasses are placed, such as working tables, wooden coffee tables, armchairs.

The most basic way to combat such problems will be to prevent misuse that may cause these stains. For this reason, you should definitely use a coaster when drinking hot drinks on wooden surfaces. Using coasters, which are usually produced as saucers or promotional products, will prevent these surfaces from being stained. So what should you do if these stains have occurred but you are helpless?

How to Remove Stain From Wood?

1. Methods to Try at Home For Removing Stains From Wood

By Using Tea

There are several ways to remove stains on wooden surfaces at home by your own. The first of these ways will be tea. You should wipe the stained part of your polished furniture by wetting the non-hot and unsweetened tea with the help of a soft cloth. Then rub the area thoroughly with a dry soft cloth and polish it. If the staining is not very deep, you will see that the trace on the surface will decrease or disappear completely.

By Using Liquid Mixtures

In order to remove the stains on the wooden surfaces of the furniture, you can clean it with a liquid mixture that you will create by dripping water, vinegar and a few drops of oil. Thus, you will be able to eliminate the staining on the wooden surface.

By Using Salt and Oil

If your stain has become old and difficult to clean, you can use salt. Pour salt and oil on cotton and apply on the stained surface. You should rub the area until the stain disappears. For more stubborn stains, you should pour the salt and oil mixture on the stain. This mixture should stay there for 2-3 hours and dissolve the stain. You can then wipe it with a dry cloth.

2. Professional Methods

You can completely remove the stain on the wood with the method that will be applied by furniture masters and professionals in the workshops. The resulting stain usually needs to be treated with polish because the wood polish is burned and damaged. You can create a brand new wooden surface with the polish cleaning and re-polishing method performed in a special workshop and with special processes. Thus, the wooden surface of your furniture will have the shine and innovation of the first day.

As a result, there are a few methods that you can apply for wood stains removal either by your own or by professionals. If you also wonder how to get out coffee stains from carpet, you can check our other detailed post.